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Photo of the Day: Craziest Wedding Picture?

- Tuesday, 19 May 2015 No Comments

What do you think about this pic?

Indian Nurse Who Spent 42 Years in Coma Following Brutal Rape Has Died

- Monday, 18 May 2015 No Comments

An Indian nurse who spent 42 years in a persistent vegetative state after being raped and strangled has died.

Aruna Shanbaug was left with severe brain damage and paralysed after the 1973 attack by a ward attendant in the Mumbai hospital where she worked.
She was fed through the nose to keep her alive but developed pneumonia six days ago, the hospital told the BBC.
Her case sparked a debate about India's euthanasia laws. The Supreme Court had rejected a plea to allow her to die.
"Ms Shanbaug died at 08:30am on Monday. She was admitted to the intensive care unit and put on ventilator support," a spokesman at Mumbai's KEM hospital said.

The nurse was 25 years old when she was sodomised by a KEM hospital cleaner who strangled her with metal chains and left her to die on 27 November 1973.
She survived, but spent the rest of her life in hospital, force fed twice a day.
"My broken, battered baby bird finally flew away. And she gave India a passive euthanasia law before doing so," journalist and author Pinki Virani, who wrote Aruna's Story, a book on the nurse's plight, told ABSource

Police Arrests 21 Men With 122 Condoms In Ibadan For Belonging To Gay Cult

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The Nigerian Police have arrested 21 young men under the age of 25 for allegedly belonging to a gay cult.
The men were arrested in Ibadan last week after allegedly being caught at a birthday party with about 122 condoms.

Although the organizer of the event claimed that it was just a birthday party, the policemen accused them of holding an initiation into an 'evil gay cult' after the discovery of 122 condoms and the absence of females.
The policemen said that they had received a tip claiming that the occupants of the room were gay.
The police also said that the absence of females corroborated with the claim of their informant that it was indeed a gay cult.
A human rights organisation, The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIER) has since spoken out against the arrest of the young men after receiving a call on May 10, 2015.
"At the point of arrest, the young men were physically assaulted and treated in a manner unbecoming of any legal process: they were photographed in their underwear, made to write statements under duress and locked up in an overcrowded cell," the spokesman of the organization said.

The police initially refused to grant the young men bail and transfer of the case to the state courts until the intervention of a lawyer from the International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights (INCRESE).
They were given different bail notices from N5,000 to N10,000. The organiser of the party had to pay N21,000.
In spite of the way they were treated, the arrested young men refused to appeal against the treatment on order to prevent being branded as gay.
Reports revealed that 11 out of the 21 had been bailed by their family and friends, while 10 were left in detention. INCRESE however provided the fund for bail for the remaining 10 detainees and took them to a safe house.

The 21 claimed that the police further extorted money from each of them when they all returned to the police station on May 14, 2015 before they were allowed to leave.
"It is obvious that there is a need to create more public awareness and the need for victims to take up cases with solid support of the movement. Without this, cases like this will continue to occur with limited or no option for proper adjudication for justice", the TIER spokesman said.

Bomb rocks Damaturu commercial area, many feared dead

- Saturday, 16 May 2015 No Comments
Dozens may have died in Damaturu, the
Yobe state capital,​ as a bomb blast rocked a crowded commercial area​ on Saturday​, witnesses said.

Sources gathered that dozens of persons were either killed or injured as a result of the blast.
A witness said the blast,​ which occurred at about 11a.m.​,​ left many dismembered human parts littering the scene.
A resident of Damaturu, Abdulmalik Audu, told ABsource the incident occurred behind the main Damaturu motor park where there are commercial shops and stalls.

Details of the casualties and cause of the blast could​ be ascertained immediately.

More news later.

Reasons Why Every Young Ambitious Struggling Man Should Forget 'Love'

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Lool.. Here is what a nairalander wrote. It cracked me up a lil and I thought you might want to read through:

Be patient while you read this...

If you are a young and ambitious dude still struggling to get to the top, this write-up will save you the stress and pains of the so-called love we have been deceived about for long!

If you still think that there's what is called 'true love' or 'love without money or resources', then you must be living in a fool's paradise!!!(Quote me if you like!)

The truth of the matter is that what people in the past enjoyed as 'true love' no longer exist. Then it was possible for a man and a woman to fall in love based on personal qualities or characters without materialism attached to it! Those were the good old days! Our society has changed and any one who still lives in the past is not better than the village !!!

I have heard people saying often times that love or relationship is not all about money! To me, that's the highest level of trash and rubbish! If you are a young man with ambition, still striving and toiling to make it, you better forget about love and concentrate full-time...I mean 100% on your dreams and life.
It is so frustrating to see some struggling dudes killing themselves over love issues! What a life! Why spend the meagre salary you earn after working for 30 days like a donkey on a girl? She tells you she needs a phone, you struggle to buy it! She says she needs money for hair, you struggle to give her! She tells you she needs to get a nice bag or pair of shoes she saw at a boutique, you struggle to give her! Be rest assured that you will continue to struggle endlessly in your life if you don't desist from such shameful and wasteful act! If you want to know the extent to which materialism has eaten into this so-called love, watch even the younger girls of today! Even those that are below 21 or 22 will quickly run away from you if you can't be giving her upkeep money, money for hair and phone, etc The mature ones? If you don't live comfortably well, sorry, you are on your own!!! Except for those village girls that are not exposed...but seriously, not in the cities of Nigeria.

Before you criticize me on the fact that these women need to live a comfortable life by hanging out with only comfortable dudes, read the topic again! It is surely the same reason why I said young struggling men should forget about love and focus on their lives!!! When you are comfortable, you can have the resources to sustain your relationship because no matter how a woman 'loves' you, the 'love' must surely die if there's no finance to sustain it!

Adams Oshiomole (not handsome) just got married to pretty Lara Forte! Do you think she didn't see all the tall handsome dudes with six-packs before tying the knot with the governor?

Goodevening everyone!

Dr Sid and wife welcomes first baby

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Dr Sid and wife welcomed their first baby last night, and guess what? it's a girl..
Congrats Dr Sid!

Kogi 2015: A View Point By Phrank Shaibu

- Friday, 15 May 2015 No Comments

There is a perceptible assumption that the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in Kogi State would be laced with conjectures and sensationalism. Presently, many political commentators have gone a step further to state that the profound changes occurring in the political arena and twists in the conscience of the Kogi people may combine to affect those aspirants that rely on some primordial approaches for victory in party primaries and gubernatorial elections.

In Kogi State, what now brews in the minds of many political strategists are the rising social and political questions surrounding the potency of the incumbent Governor Idris Wada in determining his fate or that of a successor in the next governorship elections. For these set of people, they posit that Governor Wada does not have a last say on who becomes the next occupant of Lugard House, especially given the recent documented facts and figures in the last 2015 Presidential and National Assembly elections in the state. The All Progressive Congress (APC) won majority. It is also on record that the governor lost all available seats in his local government area.

Right or wrong, whatever the 2015 elections results in Kogi Sate meant may not be very far from the interpretation that Governor Wada has
lost grip and political relevance in the state.
Suffice to mention that the case of the deputy governor isn't any different.
Indeed, right now, the ruling PDP seems to be in a dilemma especially given that Nigerian democracy has clearly established that the power of incumbency especially by an unpopular
candidate whether at the national or state level has been weakened on electoral issues and the impunity hitherto exhibited by the so-called political heavy weights has grossly been watered down with the existence of a reformed INEC.

However, it is too early for the APC to assume that its recent victories in the Presidential and National Assembly elections will automatically transform to victory at the gubernatorial elections. Convincingly, instances abound where
voters in a state may pledge loyalty to the Presidential candidate yet not support the gubernatorial candidate of the same party. For ease of reference, in 2011 general elections, though Major General Muhammadu Buhari of the then CPC party had a sweeping victory in Kano State, the gubernatorial candidate of the same party, had a very poor outing at the governorship election which was lost to the PDP. The reason adduced to that particular incident was that despite the CPC being a core and famous northern party; it lost its governorship bid in Kano State because it dropped a popular candidate. As such, protest votes gave the PDP victory. Indeed, the impunity displayed by the party leadership of the then CPC in Kano State 2011 governorship is not different from what happened in Kogi State in 2011 where Jibrin Isa Echocho, was dropped in favour of the incumbent Governor Wada . The only dissimilarity with Kogi is that despite the obvious undemocratic act which led to Wada's emergence, the PDP was noted to have been able to manipulate the elections in its favour.

Nevertheless, the consequences of the action of the Kogi State PDP leadership in 2011 elections by dropping the popular Jibrin Isah Echocho has not been erased because it led to huge division in the party and mass defection of its supporters.
This deliberate mistake of the PDP in Kogi State did not only weaken the electoral capacity of the party but has now grossly contributed to strengthening the APC, which emerged victorious in most of the contested positions in the last 2015 general elections in Kogi State.
As it stands, a wrong choice of candidate by any political party may give rise to a protest revolutionary scenario or gross loss in the elections. Simply put, any serious political party in the Kogi State must work hard.

Without a doubt, as weeks and months count down to the 2015 Kogi State gubernatorial party primaries and elections, consultations are ongoing by an endless list of aspirants. However, in a state like Kogi where explosive assumptions and bogus claims are being projected by aspirants, the polity is already fuelled by a dangerous trend of debate, false sentiments and massive space for varied analysis which even includes a likely come back of Jibrin Isah Echocho as a popular peoples' choice.
Despite all these postulations, many articulate watchers of the unfolding events believe that the guess on who would be the next Kogi State governor is very confusing.
Emphatically, it would not be wrong to state that as the political situation stands, every gubernatorial aspirant stands alone and may well begin to believe that as much as diverse sentiments and variables may have played its part on the Presidential election against the ruling party, the gubernatorial aspiration is distinct and
would rest more on the people's choice. Indeed, no wise gubernatorial aspirant from Kogi State should just rely on the name or fame of a party because the electorates may not necessarily be swayed by such skewed loyalty given their chequered experience of party imposition of an incumbent governor whom most Kogi people feel has not added value to their quest for development of the state.

Be that as it may, right now, in Kogi State, every political party seems to be making a promise of more rain but the truth remains that in the realm of the actual political landscape, there are
politicians that may make promises of irrigation, yet give people more water than those that promised to control the rains. It is of essence at this juncture to state that the way to victory for a governorship aspirant in the complex Kogi situation does not reside only the strength of the political party, but rather on the individual aspirant and proof that the complex debate surrounding the selection of an aspirant is not only transparent but derived from the people's choice.

Thus, ahead of the Kogi 2015 party primaries and elections, given the recent national political awareness, the right way to go is for all parties to seek a most acceptable candidate in their fold than settle for crass imposition and naked impunity. The lessons from the diminished and fractured Kogi State PDP as a result of the Jibrin Isa Echocho and Idris Wada episode are enough for all. True or false, the point herein, is that whether it is APC, PDP, Labour or Accord party that is in contest, the issue before all the political parties is a complex task that cannot be achieved without due consideration of a peoples' choice.

Kogi: How a Catholic Priest was kidnapped in Ikanekpo

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What would make anyone kidnap a servant in God's vineyard? Could it be for money or just an act of mischief? Whatever it is, it only goes to show how morally bankrupt and callous the Nigerian society is increasingly becoming.

Well, if the Jews could arrest and crucify Jesus Christ; one that Christians believe is the son of God, then, the recent kidnap of the Reverend Father in-charge of All Saints Catholic Church, Ikanekpo Parish, Ankpa Local Government Area, Kogi State; Rev. Father Innocent Enemor, should not come as a surprise. The priest risked his life to save the lives of those working for him, who were the target.

Rev. Father Enemor, who has since been released after spending six days in the den of his captors, was abducted from his residence within the church premises in Ikanekpo.The Graphicgathered that his abductors stormed his residence at about 1.30am with the aim of abducting his personal aides but ended up abducting the priest.
According to a source, the Reverend Father, who objected to the abduction of his aides, who are young lads, offered to be taken away in their stead. His abduction was successfully carried out after security men attached to his residence were locked up.

It was further learnt that prior to his present ordeal, Rev Fr. Enemor, had earlier been a victim of armed robbery. A source toldThe Graphicthat three weeks before his abduction, armed robbers broke into his residence and carted away some of his valuable.
The persistent attack on Ikanepo Parish of the church, according to our source, made the church members in conjunction with the community leaders to lead a powerful delegation to the Bishop of Idah Catholic Diocese on the need to stop further attacks on the church, especially since it is increasingly becoming apparent that people no longer fear God or how else would one explain the persistent attack on the church?

Confirming the abduction and subsequent release of the priest, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Ankpa, DSP Sanusi Peter, said his men immediately swung into action when the incident was reported, adding that his team worked in conjunction with the anti-kidnapping squad of the state police command to ensure the release of the Rev Father as well as fishing out the perpetrators. However, it could not be immediately confirmed if any ransom was paid before the release.

It would be recalled that on several occasions, cases of kidnapping have been reported in Ankpa metropolis.
Only recently, the wife of a former Provost of the Kogi State College of Education in Ankpa, two lecturers and the former Education Secretary, Ankpa Local Government Education Authority, Comrade Ocheme were abducted.

Buhari's Restaurant sighted somewhere around the world [See Photo]

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The name Buhari has gone global.
This restaurant was named after GMB, and is located somewhere around the world. Please don't ask me where o!

Malaysia sentence Nigerian female student to death for drug trafficking

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30-year-old Mary George Unazi, a Nigerian student was on Thursday sentenced to death by hanging after she was found guilty of trafficking 765.9g of metamphetamine. The female student was caught with the drug four years ago at the KL International Airport (KLIA).

Judge Datuk Ghazali Cha while delivering his judgement said, the prosecution counsel has been able to prove its case against the private college Student beyond reasonable doubt. Judge Cha also said, the accused has not been able to prove that the bag in which the drug was found was not hers.


- Thursday, 14 May 2015 No Comments
In a bid to promote Ebira Movies online, I brought this one here for your watching pleasure. It is titled Yello Fever

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Can You Date Someone Whose English Is Very Poor??

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Here is what a lady wrote:

"I dont know how you guys see it..but I admire guys who speak pure,polished and neat English.. It's a turn on for me, when I see someone with an impeccable eloquence,that minute i don't even care if you are broke or ugly..I just respect them.
But for guys with bad eloquence, I'm not trying to insult or intimidate you, you could always brush up your English, I want guys to know that good eloquence,fluent usage of English is a huge turn on for girls especially the brilliant ones, or so I think...
So,what's ur take on it?"

What's really your take on this?

Another Man treks from Lagos to Abuja for Charity [Photo]

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Another trekker has joined the growing trend but on a different purpose. He claims he is trekking for charity. Adjarho David Obaro a.k.a "World Wrapper Man," is reportedly walking from Lagos to Abuja not to support any politician, but for a charitable cause. He intends to raise N500 million, and wants to donate the money to different charities. He is calling on all Nigerians to support him. Any donations?
virtuousi: Hii

Policeman Kills Girlfriend In Bauchi For Sleeping With His Best Friend

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A policeman has shot dead a woman in Tura, a suburb of Bauchi State, throwing residents into deep mourning. The tragedy occurred at the weekend at about 1pm.
The deceased who is said to be in her mid-30s, was reported to be the girlfriend of the trigger happy policeman.

Trouble started for the deceased, Jamila Rahama, when the policeman, simply called Abdul (aka Barrister) stormed a house in Tura after he received a report that his best friend was sleeping with her there.
He was said to be infuriated following rumours that his lover usually had a rendezvous with his friend.
An eyewitness who does not want his name in print, said the policeman was bitter with the development, he stormed the house. He reportedly shot and killed her instantly.
"After killing her, he left the house. He was later arrested by the police," he said.

The landlord of the house was initially arrested, but released on bail after nothing incriminating was found on him in connection with Rahama's death.
"He heard news that she was sleeping with his friend. She had a child for the policeman and he really loved her, but maybe things fell apart between them and she started dating someone and that provoked him," another source said.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Bauchi State command, Mr Haruna Mohammed, confirmed the incident to newsmen in his office yesterday.
Mohammed, a Deputy Superintendent, declined to give further details, saying the command was investigating the incident.